Managed Services Providers Save 35% with SecureMyCompany's New Volume Pricing Program


SecureMyCompany helps small Managed Services Providers increase profits by offering Volume Pricing for all customers.

Encino, CA - December 22nd, 2006 -- SecureMyCompany today announced the launch of its Volume Pricing Program for Managed Services Providers. SecureMyCompany's Volume Pricing Plan levels the playing field for small Managed Solutions Providers by providing a low-point of entry in the MSP market. Any SecureMyCompany customer that purchases 50 or more license subscriptions can save up to 35% every month.

"SecureMyCompany's Volume Pricing Program is very attractive to Managed Services Providers" says Frank Hughes, Vice President of SecureMyCompany. "There are only four ways to grow your business, and one of those ways is to reduce the cost of providing your services. SecureMyCompany's Volume Pricing Program addresses this business principle and helps Managed Services Providers save more and more as their practice grows."

SecureMyCompany's Volume Pricing Program breaks from the traditional discount model by rewarding Managed Service Providers for helping their existing customers grow, as well as adding new customers to their practice. Competing Managed Services solutions only provide discounts for adding new customers.

Managed Services Providers do not need to register or apply to receive SecureMyCompany's volume pricing. The discounts are available to all SecureMyCompany customers and are automatically applied to all qualified purchases. Managed Services Providers no longer have to worry about price negotiations or if they are getting the same price as other MSPs. All SecureMyCompany services are sold without a setup fee, term agreement or volume commitment and include a free 30-Day trial. The following SecureMyCompany price list is available at

SecureMyCompany Service Subscriptions
1-49 50-99 100-249 250-499 500+
Kaseya Managed Services Software $9.95 $8.96 $7.46 $6.97 $6.47
McAfee Total Protection for Small Business $2.95 $2.66 $2.21 $2.07 $1.92
Singlefin Messaging Services $9.95 $8.96 $7.46 $6.97 $6.47

Availability and Pricing

The Volume Pricing Program is available immediately to all SecureMyCompany customers that qualify. Visit the SecureMyCompany Managed Services software pricing page for more information.

About SecureMyCompany, Inc.

SecureMyCompany provides hosted, On Demand Managed Services software for VARs, OEMs, MSPs and other IT Service Providers. The collection of SecureMyCompany services provides administrators with the ability to manage hundreds of computers and users across multiple domains, locations and organizations from a single, easy-to-use console. SecureMyCompany services are available with simple month-to-month pricing without any setup fees, term agreements or minimum volume commitments. SecureMyCompany is privately funded and is headquartered in Encino, California.