Systems and Network Management with Kaseya

Managed Services Providers need a comprehensive network management solution to keep their clients up-and-running at all times. This task is even more complex and difficult if the computers are located across multiple networks, locations or include remote users with laptops in the field.

With little effort and minimal time, Network Management offers Administrators with an easy and efficient method to enforce corporate policies throughout an entire organization.

Kaseya Scripts for Managed Services

A key component of Managed Services is the ability to automate routine Administrator tasks. Kaseya Scripting provides a reliable tool that helps Administrators keep up with the constant software deployment and other update requirements without physically touching every computer.

Some examples of how Managed Services Providers use Kaseya Scripts:

Remote Management image Remote Management image Remote Management image

Check Multiple Virus Definitions - Managed Services Providers can schedule the included Check Multiple Virus Definitions script on every managed system to check the installed virus definitions for Trend Micro, Symantec and McAfee products automatically on a daily basis. Easily customize the default Kaseya Script to monitor any anti-virus program.

Automate Disk Defragmentation - Performing disk defragmentation is one task most administrators dread. Some operating systems don't include a defragmenter and the others have trouble with scheduling. Kaseya Managed Services software solves the problem by providing a 3rd-party defrag management solution that allows Administrators to confidently schedule and when needed, silently defrag all of their managed systems with a click of a button.

File Search - MP3 Search and Removal - Kaseya can search all managed systems for any type of file and optionally delete them. Many Managed Services Providers use this included script to ensure the storage isn't wasted or contains illegally obtained copyrighted material.

Kaseya scripts can be executed as a one-time event, scheduled for a later date or configured as a recurring task. Administrators can also configure the Kaseya scripts to alert on script failures, missed schedules and successful events. Kaseya Managed Services software provides a flexible tool for managing any network:

  • Easy and Comprehensive Managed Services Scripts:
    • No scripting language to learn
    • Manipulate any file and/or registry key
    • Ability to launch/close any applications
    • Deploy any type of script and execute locally
    • Automated error and failure handling
    • Automatic OS detection

Cloud Services Depot provides dozens of Kaseya scripts to help Administrators perform common tasks on remote workstations and servers. View a list of included Kaseya scripts.

Remote Software Deployment

The Kaseya Software Deployment feature provides an easy, fast and reliable method to automatically deploy applications, updates and upgrades throughout the entire organization. From simple executables to complete application suites, Kaseya Managed Services software can easily perform any automated deployment.

Remote Management image

Software Deployment facilitates the task of rolling out applications and updates by providing easy-to-understand scripts with a fill-in-the-blank approach. Anything that can be done from the command line of a computer can be created in minutes using a Kaseya Script. The scripts can be scheduled to run at anytime on a one-time or recurring basis.

Administrators can also use the Kaseya Custom Software Packager to simplify the deployment of custom applications or software that does not follow standard installation methods. The software packager creates a snap-shot of the system before and after program installation and then creates a custom installation package that can be deployed automatically.

The Kaseya Managed Services software helps administrators by providing:

  • Simple Wizard Based Application Deployment
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Fill in the Blank Scripting
  • Automate System Management Functions
  • Custom Application Packager
  • Comprehensive Error Handling and Reporting

Network Security with Policy Enforcement

Managed Services Providers understand the necessity to enforce network policies as an important foundation for a secure computing environment.

Remote Management image Remote Management image Remote Management image

Kaseya Network Security provides Managed Service Providers with a quick and easy method to implement and enforce access policies across multiple networks, locations and organizations. Kaseya saves Administrators the hassle of configuring independent security policies for each and every client.

  • Apply and Enforce Policies Easily
    • Works with all Microsoft Windows environments
      • Microsoft Windows 95 through 2008 Server
    • Domains and active directory not required
    • File, Application and Network access policies
    • Detailed network usage reports with drill-down
  • File Access Policies
    • Apply policies to all, groups or specific computers
    • Block access to one or multiple files
    • Block entire disk or specific applications
  • Network Access Policies
    • All, groups or specific computers
    • Integrated with software inventory
    • Permit or Deny application access
    • Automatically "learn" application access
    • User notification option
    • Track network usage by computer and application
  • Application Access Policies
    • All, groups or specific computers
    • Select one or several applications

Kaseya Additional Features

The Kaseya Managed Services software provides several additional Network Management utilities not found in competing MSP solutions.

File Distribution / Collection: The Kaseya system can securely distribute a file to one or more target machine(s) and also be configured to collect a file or set of files for review. This is especially useful for collecting 3rd-party vendor logs that are not natively supported by Microsoft Windows or the Kaseya application.

End-User Communication: The Kaseya system provides a built-in capability to broadcast messages to one or more users. Administrators can inform end-users of outages due to system maintenance or any other action.

Remote Wake on LAN (RWoL): Administrators can easily perform remote management by using Remote Wake On LAN (RWoL) to start powered down machines or use the Kaseya Agent to restart or shutdown remote systems as needed.

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