Kaseya IT Center

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Kaseya IT Center is an integrated IT Automation Framework specifically designed for Managed Services Providers. Kaseya IT Center Managed Services software provides administrators with the ability to manage hundreds of computers and users across multiple domains, locations and organizations. Easily monitor and manage servers, workstations, laptops and other network devices behind firewalls, NAT-enabled gateways or proxy servers. No hardware or additional software is required! Let’s get started!

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Kaseya was designed and continues to evolve as a true platform for provisioning and delivering services for Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Unlike systems that provide monitoring or just one piece of a solution, Kaseya IT Center provides an integrated framework for implementing your knowledge and expertise as solutions for your clients.

  • Rapid Deployment

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    The remote Kaseya Agent deployment is easy, fast and flexible. The hosted administrator interface is easy and intuitive. Managed Services Providers may create unlimited administrator accounts for their team members, clients and outside consultants. Cloud Services Depot provides Managed Services Training videos for system administrators and additional Managed Services webinars at no additional cost.

    Kaseya IT Center is managed and hosted by Kaseya. Kaseya software is known for its elegant and rapid deployment that gives Administrators the ability to setup an entire network within minutes. Kaseya Managed Services Software can be deployed rapidly, efficiently and silently without the need to visit each desktop. Deployment starts by installing the secure Kaseya client on a single computer within the LAN. The single agent can deploy itself throughout the entire network within minutes. Administrators can also choose to deploy the agent using a login script, via email or by manual installation. The Kaseya computer and network monitoring agent, as well as other services, can be installed silently and will remain hidden from end-users even while performing scheduled tasks.

  • Branded Solution

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    Cloud Services Depot includes all of the necessary tools to customize Kaseya IT Center to the look and feel of your company. Administrators can brand the Kaseya client software with a custom System Tray icon, add/remove program entry and Windows Service name.

  • Define and Implement Best Practices

    Managed Services Providers can create and implement best practices based upon their knowledge and experience. Technical abilities and knowledge set MSPs apart from their competitors and Kaseya IT Center helps Managed Services Providers to use that knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.

    Managed Services Providers can define account templates to support multiple Service Level Agreements (SLA). The remote Kaseya agents are deployed fully configured and compatible with various networking technologies. Administrators can easily configure routine tasks to occur automatically. Exceptional scheduling along with easy and powerful Kaseya Scripts allows you to create an unparalleled set of services.

  • Managed Services Reporting using Kaseya IT Center

    One of the most important aspects of Managed Services is communication to the client. Kaseya IT Center provides scheduled delivery of reports that will demonstrate the value of your services. When you use Managed Services Reports, your clients will always know the value of your service.