Security Policy

Cloud Services Depot's services are hosted by Rackspace managed hosting. Rackspace's dedicated, managed hosting solution ensures that Kaseya, NOC services, and all other hosted managed service solutions provided by Cloud Services Depot are always online, guaranteed.

100% uptime guaranteed

Cloud Services Depot has a one-day-of-credit-for-15-minutes-of-downtime guarantee (See the service level agreement for more details). Cloud Services Depot's network infrastructure is run on dedicated servers with a 100mbps Internet connection. Bandwidth is not shared with any telecom or cable TV service. All points of entry for optical fiber are located at different physical points of the data center in order to avoid complete service failures. The network is purposefully underused in order to be prepared for the most severe Internet routing issues. Rackspace has partnered with nine network providers including Cisco Systems and Arbor Networks to make the most secure and reliable data center possible.

Fully Fault Tolerant

Cloud Services Depot's managed services are hosted on dedicated, fault tolerant systems with UPSs (uninterruptible power supply) and diesel backup generators that can run indefinitely. The Cloud Services Depot servers' UPSes are N+1 redundant, so that if one UPS fails, it will instantly fail over to the next with no lapse in power flow. All routing equipment in the data center is enterprise-class and completely redundant.


All of Rackspace's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are N+1 redundant for fault tolerance. Every ninety seconds, all the air in the data center is circulated and filtered, removing dust and other impurities from the air. Facilities are equipped with fire suppression systems to quickly put out fires in the unlikely event that one occurs.

Physical Security

Physical security at the data centers is at or above the standards of many government facilities. Computers and physical locations are protected by keyboard passwords as well as biometric scanning devices. All data center personnel undergo thorough background testing before being hired. No non-data center employees may enter data centers without prior clearance and an escort.